Need Tissue Paper Products?

Need Tissue Paper Products?

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SCA ESSITY Away from Home "AfH" and Consumer Tissue Paper Supply Company |

The UNSPSC Code Set for Tissue Paper Products:  

Toilet Tissue Paper : 14111704

Facial Tissue Paper : 14111701 

Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Paper : 14111704

Bathroom Tissue Paper : 14111704


The NATO ISO Parts - National Stock Number (NSN) Index : 


Toilet Tissue Paper : 8540-13-107-5561

Facial Tissue Paper : 8540-01-202-3637

Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Paper : 8540-13-107-5561

Bathroom Tissue Paper : 8540-13-107-5561


Tissue paper is a lightweight structured paper and has become one of the essential commodities of daily life. Hygienic Tissue paper products are generally made from one, 2 ply, three and up to six plies, Tissue Paper is made from different types of raw material: Woodfree (or chemical) pulp, Wood-containing (or mechanical) virgin pulp and Recovered (or Recycled) paper, Other fibers are now been used such as:  Bamboo pulp and Wheat Straw pulp. The tissue paper came into use in 1920’s and since then the consumption of tissue paper has been consistently increasing. The continuous developments in the tissue paper industry have enabled individuals to lead a more sterile and hygienic life. 


Majorly there are six types of tissue papers you can Buy namely; Bathroom TissueFacial TissuePaper TowelPaper Napkin and, Specialty Wipes and Wrapping Tissue. Additionally, the continued demand for consumer hygiene has recently demanded the use of Tissue Paper for the manufacturing of Incontinence products. Each of the tissue paper products has its own quality requirement according to the usage. The tissue paper industry is broadly classified into two categories: At Home; also known as Consumer tissue; and Away from Home (AfH). The At Home segment comprises of tissues that are used for domestic purposes whereas tissue under the category of Away from Home segment is used for commercial and industrial purposes such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and institutions; they include paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, facial tissue, dispensers and tissue products used in a working environment or in hospitality venues. A number of properties, such as absorption, porosity, coarseness, tensile strength, and tactility, determine the quality of tissue paper.  


About SCA Essity Tork: SCA ESSITY

2018-2019 Global Rank: 01


2018-2019 North American Rank:  03


Essity AB is a global hygiene and health company, with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The company develops, manufactures and sells products and solutions within hygiene and health. The products portfolio contains tissue paper, baby diapers, feminine care (menstruation pads etc.), incontinence products, compression therapy, orthopedics, and wound care. Essity was a part of the hygiene and forest products company SCA until 2017, when the company spun off the hygiene operations that became listed as a separate company on Nasdaq Stockholm. Essity has approximately 48 000 employees and net sales in 2017 amounted to 11.3 billion euros. The name Essity stems from Essentials and Necessities.



SCA ESSITY Away from Home "AfH" and Consumer Tissue Paper Supply Company |